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Bounce DVD's

Pat Wynn's Famous Bounce Films
Danskfoto proudly presents for your home entertainment, the greatest collection of big tits anywhere on the planet. Please note: these DVDs are available to you for your personal viewing pleasure, and must not, under any circumstances, be used for any public theatrical use. £18 each buy 3 and get one of your choice free.

Bounce One

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Showing massive, magnificent mammarys in swinging action and eye-popping close-up. This was 42DD Pat (Auntie Jane) Wynn's first feature video. Pat reveals all and has her famous tits weighed up on the Knockerometer. Pat shares house & horny habits with the gorgeous 42DD DONNA. Donna just loves to give her tits & pussy the milk and cream treatment and also finds an 18" rhino horn very interesting. Both Pat & Donna just love their evening sessions in front of a log fire massaging, kissing and pampering their Famous Beautiful Tits and generally getting each other off. You will also meet five amazing British Bra-Busters - great footage from Karin Wing, Shelagh Harrison, Georgina, Debbie Jordan, & Lucy. A video never to be repeated!

Bounce Two

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The scene is set in the famous "BOUNCE" offices where Pat strips for action - just for the camera and YOU! Your beautiful Auntie with the most memorable tits reveals all when she acts out one of her fan's secret requests. We loved those probing fingers! Be a fly on the wall when all is revealed in eye-popping close-ups & great swinging action - & so much more!! Also for your pleasure Raven de la Croix. Exclusive footage on the 42DD star of Russ Meyer's famous big boob movies. 41DD Joanna appears in the only footage available. A unique opportunity to see her incredible boobs in an "in depth" shower & massage scene when she actually cums on camera. Jennifer, one of Pat's Bosom Pals, appears in a scene in her office. One of her employees, Jeff, asks for a raise & he certainly gets one. Also enjoy - 42DD Donna, 41E Karen Wing, 44E Titanic Toni & the heavenly Zoe Lee.

In with Auntie

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This incredible solo performance by our gorgeous Auntie is a classic in it's own right. It is regarded as one of the best studies of Pat's mega boobs. One hour of non-stop action starts in a beautiful woodland setting where a peeping tom comes across Pat. She does tease him rotten as she slowly strips off in a small glade. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asks as she pushes her finger slowly into her pussy. Pat returns to her flat, turns up the music and does a very sexy dance for you. We then follow Pat through a car wash scene that will make your eyes pop. Every little crack and crevice gets fingered to orgasmic proportions. The final scene is set in Pat's bedroom where she has a terrible struggle with so many bras etc. The climax scene will make your heart vibrate as well as Pat's pussy as she gets stuck into one of her favourite sex toys.

In with Auntie 2

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This is probably the "hardest" video that Pat has made & stars Lynn Armitage in a first time, crotch to crotch, boob to boob scene with Pat. Lynn brings herself off with a vibrator and then fucks Pat with it. An amazing scene. 44E Titanic Toni gets into hard-core sucking and fucking with her boyfriend Steve. Toni is just great and adores Steve's cock deep inside her. We adored those Huge Shaking Tits & Aadorable Pussy. Equally hot hard-core action from the famous Jilly Lovesey. She parks her car in the woods. She can't wait to get John's kit off. An absolutely fabulous fuck scene follows until John cums on her face & in her mouth. This is a hard-core video with a wonderful cameo from the delightfully innocent, 18 yr old Big Titted Lucy.

Bouncing in the USA

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At last the clash of the MegaBoobs. Together for the first & only time America's 48EE Candy Samples & 42DD Pat Wynn.

Wendy loves a big gun - Chris likes men energetic - Kim is into rude food - Josephine not only likes Tom but also fancies Kim - Mary loves balls & also Betty's boobs - Betty can't wait to seduce Mary on the pool table - Pam the secretary, fancies everyone - everyone loves Pat - Candy loves everybody's body. CAN YOU KEEP UP THE PACE? Filmed entirely on location on Malibu USA.

The BOOB count - 48EE Candy Samples / 42DD Pat Wynn / 44DD Candye Kane / 40DD Teryy Lee Perry / 39DD Keli Stewart / 38DD Mandy Rae / 38DD Trinity Loren / 36DD Robin Cannes

This is definitely a collector's DVD. You don't get many like this.

Bounce Out

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An unusual film that takes you behind the scenes of Pat's famous BOUNCE videos. You will actually feel that you are on the set with your favourite Big Boob models. See the girls as they really are! Non-stop action that shows you how the films are made and what the girls are really like. Enjoy all the bits that are usually left on the cutting room floor- the bits that are never seen! You may ask - are the girl's boobs really as big as they appear on film? Do the girls ever make a mistake? Are the girls ever shy in front of the camera? Do they actually enjoy making the films? What would it be like to be on set with these fabulous girls with those fabulous boobs? All these questions & more will be answered in BOUNCE OUT - the original. Your favourite girls : Pat Wynn, Candy Samples, Donna, Shelagh, Debbie, Lucy, Georgina, Karen, Trinity, Candye, Kelli, Terry, Mandy etc.

Boob Talk

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Every now & then an extraordinary big boob tape is released. We all search for something different and this is it. Imagine if you could find out from some of the top models what their innermost secrets were! What their fantasies are! What they like doing! What they like being done to them! How they like it being done. All good ingredients for a great video. It all gets better when the girls act out their fantasies. Four Fabulous Girls. These interviews are something else. The incredible 44E Titanic Toni even obliges the camera man with a blow job. Marie Harper is so horny and just wants to be fucked in the kitchen. Enjoy Linzi Drew as you have never seen her before. As for Lynn Armitage, well she is disgusting. She brings herself off with a vibrator with so much enthusiasm that she makes herself bleed. Four very different interviews hosted by Pat.

Bounce Back

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This movie takes you back to 1965 and down mammery lane when tits were natural and pussies rarely trimmed. Enjoy this never seen before footage. Join young TITANIC TONI and her massive tits in the bedroom as she climaxes with her big vibrator. LISA NOBELLE shows off the best pair of natural 37DD we have ever seen. 18 year old FRANCINE has firm tits and just wanted to finger herself and make herself cum & cum. ELLI, energetic, young and Greek, has amazing, natural 39FF boobs. JOSIE was a luscious, pregnant black girl with absolutely massive tits. CAROLINE from Devon was young and eager with beautiful, big, firm tits. She found that being on camera was a real turn on & brings herself off with brush handles! To be on a movie shoot with the very desirable, big titted TITANIC TONI is probably the dream of most guys. Now's your chance to experience it. This is classic footage. Don't miss out


Bounce Again

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Set back to the days when tits were real and men were nervous. Enjoy unreleased footage of three famous British glam/porn models : LYNN ARMITAGE, SHELAGH HARRISON & TITANIC TONI. Lynn will seduce you or take you back to her cell. How can you resist those tits & throbbing pussy ? See the striptease omitted from "In With Auntie 2". Do Lynn's horny dreams Cum true? Sultry Shelagh Harrison used to work for ITN News until she became a model. Very little footage still exists of Shelagh so make the most of this and her magnificent tits. Titillating Titanic Toni goes TIT to TIT with the very beautiful Double DD Karen. This very special film is a must for lovers of BIG TITS A genuine collectors Item

Three fantastic DVDs featuring your favourite models of all time...

A fantastic compilation of Lynn Armitage's best scenes from 6 of her best movies
Best of L.A.: 1325

Fantastic Titanic Toni in the best scenes from 4 of her best Big Tit movies.
Best of T.T.: 1328

Our sexy Janet Tennant-Smythe in best scenes from six of her great films.
Best of J.T.S.: 1331

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